Affordable Care Act/Marketplace:

Almost all categories of lawfully present immigrants, including most people with any form of employment authorization, are eligible to enroll in Marketplace insurance coverage during regular enrollment periods and may be eligible for tax credits, depending on income.

The biggest exception to this is young people with “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” or “DACA.” People with DACA are considered undocumented for health insurance purposes.  This includes Lawful Permanent Residents (“green card” holders) with less than 5 years in that status.

Undocumented people cannot purchase coverage through the Marketplace and are not subject to the tax penalty for not having coverage.

Medicaid, including Healthy Michigan:

In general, Lawful Permanent Residents (“green card” holders), need to have held that status for five years before they are eligible for the full-scope Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Medicaid programs. Again, those with less than 5 years can purchase coverage and receive subsidies in the ACA Marketplace. People who gained Lawful Permanent Resident Status after being admitted as refugees or granted asylum and some others are not subject to the 5 year waiting period. Undocumented people are only eligible for a form of Medicaid called “Emergency Services Only” which pays only for life-saving emergency care.

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