Update from last meeting on Feb 15, 2015

Just to update you on what the association has to offer in terms of information and resources, here are the up coming events:
1. Obama Policy about immigration session (3/22 at Sala Thai on Hayes and Hall Road in Shelby Township)
2. Obama Care/ Health insurance session (in April)
2. Financial Wellness Orientation Presentation (in May)
3. Thai Mobile Consulate (in May)
4. Food Fest “Taste of Thailand”- show case different Thai food and restaurants from all over Michigan. If your restaurant wants to participate in this, let me know. (June 28, in Sterling Heights).
5. Cultural Event that will show case different types of traditional dances of Thai, Lao, Hmong and more. (in August)
The above events are the tentative ones that we plan to host. I hope that you can join us in any of them.

Kathina Ceremony at Watpaknam Michigan 2014

Kathina Ceremony at Watpaknam Michigan 2014 on  last Sunday 19, 2014.

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